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Rope Singing Rock STATIC R44 10.5, 70 m | black

No ratings. Art.No.: R44-10,5-70m-B
Manufacturer: Singing Rock
Discontinued product
Rope Singing Rock STATIC R44 10.5, 70 m | black

Excellent static rope

  • type A rope - low stretch kernmantel rope designed for general use in rope access (including all kinds of work positioning and restraint), in rescue and in caving
  • intended for rescuing the injured, manipulation with objects and rope access methods for work at height
  • meets requirements that the rescuers, firemen, specialists in working at height and other professionals require when working every day
  • rope-braiding technology ROUTE 44
  • thermotransfer end marking
  • ultrasonic ending

4 color variants

Color: white, red, black, khaki
Weight: 72 g/m
Strength: 35.8 kN (knot breaking force 22.3 kN)
Diameter: 10.5 mm
Number of falls: 15
Static elongation: 3.4 %

Weight 5.04 kg
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