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Geocoin production

Custom and personal geocoins manufacturing

We design and produce geocoins for other geocachers. We always discuss the design, quality, budget to find the most effective way to produce the cool geocaching coin. Besides geocoins we design and produce also trackable tags, and pins.


We work directly with coin making factory, so all communication is quick and effective. We have chosen factory that is able to produce coins with special ideas.

We are also handling all communication with Groundspeak concerning tracking codes and icons.

Let us know what is your idea about the coin design, if you have any artwork, size, quantity and we would be happy to get pricing for you.

There are several possible ways to produce the coin, diferent metal technologies and coloring technologies. We can suggest, but need to know the whether you are looking rather for "cheap price" or for quality of material.

We are authorised geocoin producer by Groundspeak Inc.

Challenge and custom coins

We also design and produce other non-geocaching coins and pins.

Our geocoins

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Megaevent Geocoin Project - to be announced

Megaevet Geocoin

Megaevent Geocoin

Megaevent Geocoin

Jan Žižka z Trocnova 600 Let Geocoin

Kladno Geocoins 5

200 let KHB Megaevent Geocoin

Celtic Treasure - Head of Druid Geocoin

20 Years of Geocaching in Czech Republic Geocoin

Bílá Hora 1620-2020 Geocoin

Gecoaching Prague 2020 GIGA Event Geocoin

Gecoaching Prague 2020 GIGA Event Geocoin - Supporters Edition

GPS Maze Europe 2020 Event Geocoin

GPS Maze Europe 2020 Event Geocoin - Supporters Edition

S kacerem na cestách Personal Geocoin

Great Moravia Afterparty 2019 megaevent geocoin

 1918 - Vznik republiky / Zánik monarchie (Náš 66. realizovaný geocoin)

MegaGazpacho Soup Day Megaevent Geocoin 2018

 Rudolphus II. - Prague Geocoin 2018

 GPS Maze Europe 2018 Zeltweg

 Medvědí Mega Mejdan - Náchod 2018

 ŠKODA 1000MB - 1966 Geocoin

 ŠKODA FELICIA - 1962 Geocoin

 ŠKODA RAPID - 1935 Geocoin

 L&K ŠKODA 110 - 1929 Geocoin

 L&K VOITURETTE A - 1905 Geocoin

 Hamsa Hand Amulet Geocoin

 Charlie Chaplin - The King of Comedy Geocoin

 Klet and Ceske Budejovice Observatories Geocoin

 Project-GC Geocoin

 Great Moravia GIGA Event Geocoin

 GPS Maze Europe 2017 Czech Republic Geocoin


 Cimrman's North Pole Universal Compass Geocoin

 GPS Maze Europe 2016 Llangollen

 15 Years of Geocaching in Czech Republic Geocoin

 Czech Reviewers Geocoin

 GPS Maze Europe 2015 Geocoin

 GPS Maze Europe 2015 Geocoin SE

 Adventní Geoskořápky - Advent Geonutshells 2014 Geocoin

Olomoucka Orlice - Eagle of Olomouc Geocoin

Terezin Games 2014 Geocoin

Stratocaching 2014 Geocoin

 Red Baron Geocoin

 Octavia Scout Geocoin

Kent Mega 2014 Geocoin

The Great War Mega Event Geocoin

World Heritage: Zelena Hora Czech Geocoin

Funky Gecko Geocoin

Radegast - BO!!!GEO Geocoin

Gazpacho Soup Day Geocoin

First GPS Maze Europe - CAGeo 2013

Cyril & Metodej – Slavic Alphabet 863 AD Geocoin

Svatý Jiří - Saint George Geocoin

Pražské jezulátko - Prague Geocoin 2012

Adventní Geoskořápky - Advent Geonutshells 2012 Geocoin

Geowest Geocoin - Lázeňská oplatka

 Brugse Beer Geocoin - trackable bottle opener

Husitský geocoin

Říp geocoin

MegaMoravia 2012 megaeventový geocoin

Skautský geocoin

 Čtvrtý kladenský geocoin "Hutník"

 Třetí kladenský geocoin "Mayrau"

 Druhý kladenský geocoin "Koněspřežka"

Kladenský geocoin

Labská královna geocoin

Valašské keškobraní Memorial Geocoin

Czech 2012 Geocoin

Svatý Václav Geocoin

Bazilika Třebíč Geocoin

Certified Geocaching Bike Geocoin

Advent Geonutshells Geocoin

Tyrannosaurus Rex Geocoin

10 Years of Czech Geocaching Geocoin

Olomoucky orloj geocoin

Knights of the Round Table Geocoin

Countess Crown Geocoin

Tiahuanco Geocoin

Karel IV. geocoin

Ještěd geocoin

Gagarin - First Man In Space Geocoin

Thalervs Olomvcensis Geocoin

Red Square Moscow Russia Geocoin

Czech Travel Gecko Tag

Houby - Czech DNF Travel Tag 

Red Baron Geocoin

The Great War Megaevent Geocoin

Radegast BO!!!GEO Geocoin

Geocoin designed and produced for regional geoaching community.

Ragegast Geocoin Antique Gold

Radegast BO!!!GEO Geocoin Antique Silver

Radegast BO!!!GEO Geocoin Antique Copper

Funky Gecko Geocoin

Cyril & Metodej – Slavic Alphabet 863 AD Geocoin

Creators of the first slavic alphabet.


Advent 2012 - Event Geocoin

Geocoin designed for traditional event in Prague - ADVENTNI GEOSKORAPKY / ADVENT GEONUTSHELLS 2012

Geocoin GeoWest - original wafer / oblate

Kladno geocoin

Geocoin designed and produced for regional group of geocachers.


MegaMoravia 2012 Geocoin

Geocoin dsigned and produced for geocaching mega event.



Basilica Trebic Gecoin

Advent Geonutshells Geocoin

Together with organiser of this legendary Prague event we have produced this Xmas geocoin.



Labe Queen Geocoin

Geocoin with 3D relief and transparent enamel.


Challenge coins

We design and produce challenge coins