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Big Shot sling shot

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Big Shot sling shot

Original BIG SHOT® makes quickwork of getting a working line into position and helps get you get onto the job at hand. Used to launch a throw weight (with line attached) over a tree’s branch to tow working lines into position. This very simple, oversized slingshot uses commercial-duty fiberglass extension poles butted against the ground to eliminate recoil and maximize launching distance of 3 to 20 ounce weights. While hand-throwing straight up is nearly impossible… or at best, requires a great deal of practice, the BIG SHOT® allows operators to launch nearly straight up into the tallest canopies, avoiding adjacent brush and limbs.


  • Weight: 2,25 kg
  • Total length: 245 cm
  • Pole lenght: 120 cm
Weight 2.5 kg
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